All Sofia Al Asfoor pieces are handcrafted in Spain by traditional artisans using the highest quality leather sourced in Europe

The lengthy and intricate conception is brought to life by mastered artisans who have honed their skills over generations. Individually hand made with custom leathers and exotic skins that dress each creation and bring it to life.

The journey does not end after the Shield is made. It is only the beginning - Now it is your journey

Each detail tells a story

Like a scar after battle, of an enduring passion for empowered beauty. In a process that is identical to a bespoke creation, the uncompromising quality makes a Sofia Al Asfoor creation one of its kind.

The creation of a unique identity

Precious handpicked leathers are transformed and the unique pyramid structures are raised, one by one, by the hands of skilled craftsmen who share a passion for luxury.

It is from the heritage of leather craft and traditional techniques; Sofia Al Asfoor pieces are created.

Design Process

Initiating with Precision

  • Creation of patterns, the Shield's Blue Prints
  • Precision pattern cutting the using highest tech machinery
  • Leather selection & inspection to maintain the highest quality
  • Selected leathers are hand cut & prepared by a master cutter
  • Leather parts are assigned to master craftsmen who have decades of experience

Attention to Detail

  • Each stage requires special know how using only traditional artisinal hand craft techniques
  • Forming each unique pyramid individully, the pyramid panel is created through hand embossing, hand paiting, glueing and stitching
  • Intricate stitching and specialised glueing is performed every step of the way
  • Specialised edge painting for each process is done with up to 4 layers of paint

Finishing Touch

  • All componants are slowly assembled together until the exterior and interior parts are built and crafted into a Shield
  • The completed interior is fixed followed by a final round of stitching, glueing and painting
  • A thourough inspection of the Shield is performed by specialised artisans
  • Final quality control inspection is taken place for perfection then sent to packaging
  • Total hand work per Shield takes up to 8 weeks