Hi. My name is Sofia Al Asfoor and I want to tell you my story.

They told me I’d NEVER succeed on my own

I had a dream… a vision…

I was shot down at every turn. 

Let me tell you how I proved them wrong…

As a young girl, I was given the opportunity to explore my passion.

When the time came I was told I was incapable, my product wasn't marketable, and my vision was crushed.

Sit down, watch, and learn.

Despite all the degrading messaging, I was driven to prove my place in the world.

It was heartbreaking, dream-killing, but you know what?

It lit a fire inside me and that's when I did the bravest thing I had ever done…

In 2012, I was a young girl, alone, on a mission with a passion for handbags, a self-made prototype, and nothing to my name.

I only knew it was better than being doubted, crushed, or suppressed from my dreams.

That’s when I developed a unique 3D pyramid motif that would dress each creation.

Sealed with an emblem that would represent the beholder’s spirit and courage.

Through my journey that embodies struggle, determination, and self-belief, the shield bag was created to reflect the very essence of all that Sofia Al Asfoor is.

I set out to create a brand that would empower women and connect the inspired all over the world. 

I have dedicated the last 12 years of my life to finding the best European craftsman and the highest quality materials… I have built relationships with premium manufacturers that I now call my family.

I am proud my product is crafted by skilled artisans who create for elite brands such as Loewe, and Chanel…

The Shield continuously evolves with every generation to the very best of my ability.

Life throws many obstacles but it is a reminder that our journey is not always rosy and through these challenges, you will receive awakenings that make you realize what kind of power you truly behold.

Offering a product that enables a woman to speak her voice, embrace her freedom, and live the life she chooses.

This power is embedded in every shield handbag reminding you that you really are capable of the impossible. 

Don't ever let anyone dim your light.

Today, all around the world hundreds of women treasure our pieces.

Be a part of our community of inspiring women.

P.S. I hope your new handbag empowers you to follow your dreams, as I did.

Your Shield, Your Power.


Sofia Al Asfoor