The Brand

The Brand

She is the creator, she is the warrior, she is the woman

The Arabian sand shifts beneath her feet, a woman stands tall, resolute and proud. The storm recedes; the desert sun bursts through, A new day dawns with an intense spark of life. Standing tall, confident and open, she steps forth, her eyes transfixed towards her future and her goals. Her heart is open; she takes the journey forth from within. 

Metal Mesh

Power of the Shield

The brands signature shield design symbolizes the embodiment of power for the women of the world today. Artisans that are trained and certified to work with premium leathers will never compromise on quality. Power is about raising the bar for her relationships. Power is her belief that her actions can and will make a difference. Power is knowing her true identity.

Enlightening women to embody and embrace their power will change their present, and encourage our future. Together we will establish a shared reality of truly empowered women who will change our society for the better.

The Quest for Excellence

To be recognised as the most luxurious handbags in the world, a combination of excellence in finest material and the precision of skilled craftsmanship is imperative.

Years of vital research and development was a key factor towards the success of her creation. After an extremely lengthy research process in sourcing the finest sought after leathers, finding the highest skilled artisans, and designing a unique creation that has never before been seen; the Shield was born. The bold and impenetrable Shield is the brands strong identity that represents the powerful and opulent women of today.

Overwhelmed and proud of the first ever timeless masterpiece being created, the collection quickly blossomed into a assortment of stunning pieces of powerful meaning.

Crossbody Red
From realms of the precious, breaking boundaries, here it is. Let it be Your Shield.

Iconic pyramids are raised, one by one..

Every piece is comprised of complex designs that are developed in-house. These designs exemplify the identity of the brand.

The engineering from digital to physical existence was a challenge to overcome, and it is of the brands highest importance to continue to develop and offer the highest of quality, unique, innovative pieces in todays luxury world.