Exotic Signature Crocodile

Exotic Signature Crocodile

Magnificently she emerges to make her own

The exotic piece is truly exceptional, it's totally tailored to you.

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Signature Style

The Signature style is an iconic symbol of bravery. She is a declaration of opulence that captures the mind, heart and soul.

The finest ostrich or crocodile can be chosen for the exterior and is complemented with suede leather for the interior to produce a beautiful, exclusive piece similar to no other

Exotic Signature Crocodile from every angle

The lengthy and intricate conception is cultivated by skilled artisans who have mastered their art over generations.

Precious handpicked leathers are transformed and the unique pyramid structures are raised, one by one, by the hands of skilled craftsmen who share her passion for luxury.

The Exotic Shield

Explore over 200 years of leather craftsmanship in the world of refined exotic leathers with this unique made to order service. The Exotic Shield Collection experience opens the doors to indulgence in the spirit of sophisticated sensuality, to cherish the leather you love, in the color of your choice, engraved with your name. A masterpiece that will prevail to remind and distinguish the beholder timelessly.

Technical Specs

Metal Mesh

  • Innovative Design
  • Styles: Signature
  • One Size
  • Metal Mesh / Calfskin combination
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Gold Emblem


  • Iconic Shield
  • Styles: Signature, Borla, Lafina, Crossbody, Backpack, Travel
  • Sizes: 50, 100, 200, 300
  • Calf leather Exterior leather
  • Leather Interior
  • Silver & Gold Emblems


  • Timeless Pieces
  • Styles: Signature, Borla, Lafina
  • Sizes: 100, 200, 300
  • A coveted classic featuring unparalleled calf skin front and back panels paired with side panel exotic skin
  • Leather Interior
  • Silver & Gold Emblems


  • Made to order
  • Choice of any style
  • Choice of any size
  • Exotic Ostrich & Crocodile Exterior
  • Leather Interior
  • Choice of Silver, Gold, Precious Metals & Diamond Encrusted Emblems
Exotic Signature Blue - Sofia Al Asfoor

Exotic Signature Crocodile

15,940.000 BD

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